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Caring for your

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Seaglass is porous so overtime the glass might change size causing it to become loose in the ring. For this reason avoid getting your jewellery wet; in the shower, sea, washing your hands etc.

To shine up your seaglass at any time dab a tiny a bit of olive oil only onto the glass with your finger and wipe away with paper towel.

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Silver jewellery will naturally tarnish with time, to slow down this process avoid getting your jewellery wet or wearing it in the sun.

To keep your jewellery in the best condition remove before you do exercise and before you go to sleep.

Remember to store your jewellery separately when you're not wearing it to avoid scratching and in a dark place to avoid discolouration.

Try to put on your jewellery last after applying moisturisers, makeup or perfume. These could speed up the tarnishing process.

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