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Ring Sizing: Welcome

Due to the nature of detailed jewellery pieces I create,  it is imperative that the size you order is totally accurate. Each piece jewellery is unique and handmade, nothing is pre-fabricated, outsourced or bought in. I am a solo artist and each piece takes many hours to produce therefore resizing is extremely difficult. I have a number of methods listed below for you to choose when ordering your ring.

Please use a combination of these methods to ensure ring size is as accurate as possible.

Ring Sizing: Text

Method 1

By far the most simple is of course is to visit me and I will personally measure the size of your finger.

However this method isn’t going to be possible under the current COVID-19 guidelines.

Method 2

Give me your ring size if you already know it, however I would only recommend this method if you’re 100% sure of the size you want.

Method 3

I will send you a sanitised ring sizer, place this on your chosen finger and record the size on the order form. Please return the ring sizer in the prepaid return envelope with your order so it can be reused. Please note this is not 100% accurate.

Method 4

Go to a jewellers and ask them to measure the size of your finger and then give me the ring size. Most jewellers will not charge for this.

Method 5

Send me a ring you already wear for the finger you want your ring made. Please send recorded delivery for safety. Your ring and the ring I make will be sent to you again recorded delivery.

Ring Sizing: FAQ

What size should I take?

Some of the wide band rings may need you to take a half size or a size larger for it to be the perfect fit. For example the Whale and Hammerhead have very wide bands, with these I would definitely recommend taking a size larger. The Dolphin and Siren have medium width bands, these you could go half size larger.

However if you have any confusion about what size to take please contact me, I'm happy to help advise you. 

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Ring Sizing: Image
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