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All rings I make here at eleven17 are made with recycled gold or silver and sea glass I find on all the beaches I've explored. Most use sea glass I've found on Devonshire beaches in the south west of Britain, others are from the west coast of France or various Spanish beaches on both the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. 

Some of the rings are already made in specific sizes, which are ready to be sent off on the next working day. If you're looking for something more personal look for the 'Made To Order' rings, each one of these are made to your exact size, and with the sea glass rings your colour choice too, you can even choose the exact piece of sea glass for the ring, or leave it as a surprise! Whatever you decide to do your ring will be completely unique to you as no two pieces are the same!

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Colour Choices

Below are the selection of glass colours to choose from when ordering. I have foraged them all from the beach.

Stock depends on what I have found so check back regularly.

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