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eleven17's Ethos

Environmental impact is at the forefront of eleven17, why? Because I want there to be a world that generations to come can also enjoy. We, as humans, need to slow down our consumption of everything and 'Fast Fashion' is at the forefront of what needs to change. Thats why here at eleven17, everything is handmade with care and precision, using the best quality recycled Silver and Gold. These pieces are made to last, so if treated with the right care they will last a lifetime.


All materials used are recycled, for the precious metals I only work with recycled silver and recycled gold. The stones I use are sea glass, which I find by hand on my local beach. These are used exactly as I found them I never alter the shape or colour, leaving the organic look exactly as they were from the ocean. If youre interested in what your piece of sea glass originated from as please let me know and I can send through some info. Sea glass is made from broken glass which has been tumbled over decades by the ocean, leaving the sea glass pieces smooth and naturally shaped, when I find pieces I love to look into where the they might have originated from.

The packaging I use is either made from recycled materials or recyclable (as seen in photograph above). Although I'm constantly keeping my eye out for the most eco friendly options for packaging, so I'm open to any suggestions you may have. 


If you have any further questions about where I source my materials or how I make the jewellery for eleven17, don't hesitate to contact me.

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