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Love eleven17's sea glass jewellery but not mad about silver?

No worries, you can now order custom eleven17 sea glass jewellery made in your choice of 9ct or 18ct Recycled Yellow Gold. You can either choose a design already available to have made in Recycled Solid Gold or we can create something new, personal to you and exactly as you imagined. Please see image gallery below for examples of custom jewellery pieces.

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How do I know the piece is 9ct or 18ct gold?

All of the custom recycled gold jewellery is made using 9ct or 18ct recycled gold from Cooksongold. When the piece of jewellery is completed if it weighs more than 1gram (more than likely unless its a very small pendant or stud earrings) the item will be Hallmarked at the London Assay office, with the Fineness Mark, the Assay Office Mark and my jewellers mark.

Please find more information in the table below.

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